Our Mission...

Our mission at Belavera, Inc. is to create natural skin care products
that help your skin look and feel younger at a price you can afford.
We are commited to using the purest ingredients to refresh, replenish
and restore your skin to a smooth and healthy appearance.

Product Purity...

Belavera products are formulated using 100% pure essential oils and certified organic skin nutrients.  Our team is dedicated to using both the purest form of raw materials and the highest manufacturing standards.  
By nourishing the skin with these natural ingredients, we are able to achieve the best possible results in restoring your skin's original
youth and beauty.

Our Team...

Located in Irving, Texas, the Belavera team, made up of scientists, formulators and manufacturing experts, has been
in the beauty and cosmetic industry for 25 years. Our collective experience has allowed us to determine which combination of ingredients bring the greatest possible benefit to your skin.  Formerly sold only through our vendor distribution network, our product is now available to the public via our online store. Look for exciting new products to be introduced in 2013.