Acai youth serum® is a natural anti-aging facial treatment, containing Acai berries, aloe vera and essential oils.


"ACAI Youth Serum® feels great, like I definitely have something on, but I don’t feel weighed down or heavy - living in a very humid area, this is huge!  The scent - yummy! I feel a tightening along my jaw line - I would have thought that would require a crane!"

- Lauri   Tampa, Florida

“I started using the ACAI Youth Serum® and my skin felt better immediately.  I noticed that it looks and feels fresher.  Thank you BELAVERA for this great product.”

- Toni   Stuart, Florida

“The ACAI Youth Serum® makes my skin look and feel great.  I have noticed that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth also look smaller and not as noticeable.  I have been using it every day for about a year and I really like it.”

- Mary Jo   Keller, Texas

“I love using the ACAI Youth Serum® and I think it is really helping.  As a man, I don’t typically get carried away with skin care products, but when I bought a

bottle at, it arrived in just a few days and I started using it immediately.  I notice that it makes the dark circles under my eyes seem less visible and I look younger.“

- Richard   Beach, California

“I have tried dozens and dozens of beauty
products and the ACAI Youth Serum® definitely works.  My skin looks and feels younger and I get a lot more compliments than before.  I especially like how this product feels light on my skin and doesn’t have a heavy, oily feeling.”

- Nicole   Dallas, Texas

“I began using Acai Youth Serum® a couple of months ago when I noticed the lines around my eyes and my mouth looked deeper than I cared for. I applied the serum every night on the areas and after a couple of weeks the lines were unnoticeable. I was so impressed that I decided to use the serum on my neck, and all I have to say is "I LOVE this product." Lines and creases have been replaced with smooth soft skin. My skin looks fantastic and Acai Youth Serum® will definitely be a part of my nightly ritual for years to come! If you haven't tried Acai Youth Serum®, I would strongly suggest you do!“

- Brenda   Addison, Texas

“I must admit, I wasn't too keen at first at the thought of putting purple serum on my face for fear of turning into an Oompa Loompa. I've been using Acai Youth Serum® for 20 days now and noticed a natural tone and smoothness to my skin. Acai Youth Serum® soothes dry, flakey skin. I noticed the lines around my eyes seemed to fade. I would recommend Acai Youth Serum® to those of you that want to recapture your youthful appearance. Thanks Belavera!“

- Karen   Saint Charles, Illinois